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2U dual-socket server powered by 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors that supports 32 DIMMs, 9 PCIe 5.0 slots, 14 NVMe, OCP 3.0, ASUS ASMB11-iKVM, and up to 4 dual-slot GPUs
The latest Intel Xeon scalable processors offer up to 5x more cores per CPU and 1.52x computing performance increase. ASUS RS720-E11-RS12U supports dual Intel Scalable processors to enable up to 32 DIMM slots, all flash and PCIe Gen 5.0. Up to 3 dual-slot GPU such as NVIDIA A100 in 2U system and optimized acceleration for workloads across cloud, data center and for hybrid cloud environment


⦿ Powered by dual-socket 4th Gen Intel Scalable processors

⦿ CPU maximum TDP of up to 350W with 32 DIMMs and support

⦿ GPU-optimized design allows four dual-slot GPU for AI workloads and high performance computing(HPC)

⦿ Up to 12 all-flash NVMe

⦿ Up to 9 PCIe® 5.0 slots

⦿ Flexible onboard LAN-module design

⦿ Flexible air-cooled solution