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Quanta/QCT is the leading partner with NVIDIA in introducing the MGX architecture – an open and future compatible accelerated computing reference architecture designed to allow rapid adoption of key platform technologies including CPUs, GPUs and DPUs.

QuantaGrid S74G-2U is the first server to introduce the NVIDIA® Grace™ Hopper™ Superchip in conjunction with NVIDIA® MGX™ architecture. The Superchip combines 72 Arm Neoverse cores connected by NVLink® chip to chip high bandwidth interconnect with the Hopper™ H100 GPU to deliver a coherent memory pool that excels at accelerating AI and high performance computing applications.

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⦿ Introducing the first gen NVIDIA® MGX™ architecture with modular infrastructure

⦿ Powered by NVIDIA® Grace™ Hopper™ Superchip

⦿ Coherent memory between CPU and GPU with NVLink®- C2C interconnect

⦿ Optimized for memory intensive inference and HPC performance