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Saturday01 October 2022

NVIDIA Quadro cards - GP100 16GB HBM2

The NVIDIA Quadro GP100 16GB HBM2 - is the latest flagship card for workstations from NVIDIA based on Pascal architecture. It gives you the extreme performance, HBM2 high memory bandwidth, double Precision (FP64).  NVIDIA Quadro GP100 brings power of NVIDIA Tesla P100 to a desktop workstation. NVIDIA Quadro is certified for many professional applications that rely on CUDA acceleration - as it is capable of both impressive single and double precision




Specification table:

Model Quadro GP100
NVIDIA Microarchitecture Pascal
CUDA cores 3580 FP32 / 1792 FP64
Single precision 10.3 TFlops 
Double precision 5.2 TFlops
PCIe Gen 3.0
Memory size 16 GB HBM2
Memory bandwidth 717 GB/s
Slots + Display Connectors 4x DP (1.4) + 1x DVI-D
Max resolution

5120 x 2880 @60Hz

4096 x 2160 @120Hz

Max displays 4
Pro features

Quadro SYNC 2, MOSAIC, 


Power Consumption 235 W 

JA Minisite

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