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Saturday01 October 2022


We design and build Professional Graphics and HPCsystems that power your software faster than any other product can. Consult end-user case studies, independent product reviews and benchmarks and you’ll find that EXALIT products are the fastest in its class in Southeast Asia. Even the fact, that software vendors themselves use EXALIT products for their internal use, speaks for itself.

If still not convinced, you can run your own benchmarks by connecting remotely or by taking one of our products to your own office to run your workloads. 




Nvidia Quadro Tesla System Builder NOVATTE


If so happens that you will need help with your EXALIT product, by calling our support line you’ll straight away be forwarded to a human extra class technical support specialist. No frustration like with HP or Dell case, no ridiculous queues, no answering machines, no walking along the menu items, no jumping from one engineer to another and repeating your problem over and over again… - Straight away to the EXALIT specialist who knows our products really well as he is one of those who designed and built them.

We heavily invest in our knowledge to be the best when it comes to EXALIT products and support. Currently we have:

5 certified NVIDIA professionals
3 certified Intel professionals
3 VMware certified professionals
2 Microsoft certified professionals
2 Citrix certified professionals
1 Cisco certified professional

Direct partnership with technological vendors gives us direct access to vendor’s worldwide pool of engineers and allows us to form a cross-company teams (EXALIT-Vendors) to design deployment or solve the problem of any difficulty, including customizing BIOS, firmware and even hardware designs. We can honestly say that we are working 24/7 to solve your issue. We are proud that we are:

NVIDIA’s sole Tesla Preferred Partner for Southeast Asia
NVIDIA’s Quadro, Tesla and GRID GPU Service Centre
NVIDIA’s authorized GPU DEMO Centre
Intel Technology Provider Platinum, Server Solutions Specialist
AMD Premier Fusion Partner
Mellanox Authorized Partner for Southeast Asia
VMware Solution Provider Professional

Besides that, our technical specialists have more than 10 years of experience in designing and supporting Visual Computing, HPC and Enterprise deployments as prior to founding EXALIT we personally designed and physically deployed HPC systems with more than 3000 CPUs in one and were personally overseeing all software, hardware and virtual infrastructure of one of the Top-3 Singapore ISP providers.

As once being customers ourselves, we know what customers expect from you and you can expect the same from EXALIT.




Holistic approach refers to the EXALIT DNA of looking at engineering in a complete picture rather than isolating parts. We take the end-user’s software, thoroughly analyze it, identify its performance bottlenecks, and fine-tune our products by methodologically eliminating software performance bottlenecks and accelerating parts that have potential. Such approach helps us to build products that run your software much faster than “one-size-fit-all” generic products from HP, Dell and other vendors.

We know your software. Staying focused solely on Visual Computing, HPC and Enterprise products all these years, our sales consultants, engineering and legendary technical support have mastered the knowledge of software applications your business rely on. This allows us not only to provide expert advise on the best product configuration and fit for particular software, but also to customize our products even further in case you have specific requirements for processing time or for large size models. Our customers frequently tell us that we are a breath of a fresh air for them.


We use only enterprise-class components in EXALIT products. That allows you to run your applications at peak performance and efficiency 100% of the time while ensures long product life cycle and integrity. In fact, we have customers who run their EXALIT high-performance clusters 24/7 since year 2008!

All of the above guarantees that you get the highest quality EXALIT product. We put a lot of efforts to keep our products quality higher than that of the HP or Dell. We do not even have a Refurbishing department while HP and Dell do, which only shows how good they think their quality is. And that’s why there is no secondary market for EXALIT products - you can check it yourself via eBay, Craigslist or alike websites.

EXALIT is the first National manufacturer of Visual Computing, HPC and Enterprise products. EXALIT engineering, sales, manufacturing and support are all located in its headquarters in Singapore, ensuring that 100% of your money stays in Singapore and works for Singapore and Southeast Asia economy.

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