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Friday30 September 2022

Xeon Phi coprocessors

Intel® Xeon PhiTM cards for EXALIT Servers and Workstations

Speed up your calculations with combined power of Intel® Xeon processors and Intel® Xeon PhiTM coprocessors.
Example: SAXPY

Utilize x86 architecture of Xeon Phi coprocessors to quickly integrate them into your existing workloads and code. Intel equipped Xeon Phis with their own embedded Linux OS making Xeon Phis in essence stand-alone x86 computers that interact with the host through fairly thin and simple drivers. That kind of unified HW and SW architecture brings a great benefit to the HPC Cluster users.


  Xeon Phi 
Xeon Phi 
Xeon Phi 
3120A and 3120P

  Xeon-Phi-5110P Xeon-Phi-5110P Xeon-Phi-3120A 
Frequency 1.24 GHz 1.053 GHz  1.1 GHz
Cores 61 60 57 
Memory size (GDDR5) 16 GB 8 GB 6 GB 
Power Consumption 300 W 225 W  300 W
Performance Rpeak
Double Precision
1.208 TFlops 1.011 TFlops 1.003 TFlops 

To get best performance from the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors Intel recommends to use Intel® Parallel Studio XE and other Intel® Software Development Tools.

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