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Saturday01 October 2022

NVIDIA Tesla GPU cards for Servers


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NVIDIA Tesla for Servers:

Tesla cards for Data Centers have passive heat sinks and are designed for dedicated airflow tunnel cooling where airflow is directed straight to the heat sink of a Tesla card to maximize cooling efficiency. These Tesla cards are recommended strictly for the server use.

  NVIDIA Tesla P100 16GB

NVIDIA Tesla P100 12GB

NVIDIA Tesla P40 24GB

  Tesla P100 16GB Tesla P100 12GB Tesla P40
NVIDIA Microarchitecture Pascal Pascal Pascal
CUDA cores 3,584 3,584 2,880
Single Precision / FP32 9.3 TFlops 9.3 TFlops 12.0 Tflops 
Double Precision / FP64 4.7 TFlops 4.7 TFlops 0.35 Tflops
Memory bandwidth 720 GB/s 540 GB/s 346 GB/sec 
Memory size 16 GB 12 GB 12 GB


  NVIDIA Tesla M40

NVIDIA Tesla K80

NVIDIA Tesla K40

  Tesla M40 Tesla K80 K20X
NVIDIA Microarchitecture Maxwell Kepler Kepler
CUDA cores 3,072 4,992 2,880
Single Precision / FP32 6.8 TFlops 2.91 TFlops 5.04 Tflops 
Double Precision / FP64 0.2 TFlops 8.73 TFlops 1.68 Tflops
Memory bandwidth 288 GB/s 480 GB/s 388 GB/sec 
Memory size 24 GB 24 GB 12 GB


For NVIDIA Tesla cards for workstations, please visit this page.

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