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Saturday01 October 2022

QuantaMesh T3048-LY9


A powerful Top-of-Rack Switch for Cloud Datacenter

Performance specifications:

  • 48 x 100/1000/10GBASE-T and 6 x QSFP+ ports
  • Switching capacity: 1440Gbps (1.44Tbps)
  • Maximum forwarding rate: 1071Mpps
  • Latency <3us


  • 10GBASE-T
  • Network Automation

The QuantaMesh T3048-LY9 is a new generation 10GBASE-T solution for data center networking which provides 48 triple speed (100/1000/10GBase-T) ports and 6 QSFP+ ports in a 1U form factor. The 40G QSFP+ port can be independently configured as 40GbE or 4 x 10GbE. With traditional L2/L3 features support as well as software defined network functions, T3048-LY9 provides hybrid solutions for the network deployment . By leveraging the benefits of 10GBASE-T - longer distance connection from switch to server such as ToR, MoR or EoR rack configuration, T3048-LY9 offers Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) networking deployment more cost effective performance and perform the best TCO.

With the rapid adoption of cloud computing and the proliferation of big data and parallel calculations, the need for datacenter network devices is growing exponentially, making network automation a critical factor. Supporting auto installation, QuantaMesh T3048-LY9 facilities the easy deployment and build-up of mass datacenter IaaS.  
Network virtualization is becoming an important topic of datacenters. QuantaMesh T3048-LY9 offers hardware-based VXLAN feature to support virtual machine mobility. Not limited by 4K VLANs, VXLAN enables for the network scale-out across L3 subnets and can support up to 16.7M possible virtual networks.
High Availability 
The QuantaMesh T3048-LY9 is designed for high availability from both hardware and software perspectives. The key features include:
  • 1+1 hot-swappable power supplies
  • 3+1 hot-swappable fans
  • Out-of-band management support
  • Up to 64 paths ECMP routing for load balancing and redundancy
  • Multi-chassis Link Aggregation (MLAG)

For datasheet and full specification, please follow to QCT website for this model (external link)

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