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Saturday01 October 2022

HPC managed services

Even though we did our best to make HPC Clusters as easy to use as possible, we do understand that some researchers and HPC application users just do not have time to learn how to administer HPC cluster as their major focus is on analyzing data resulted from calculations and not on the process of receiving the data.


Most of the time such HPC clusters are administered by PhD students or school administrators, but what if administrator leaves? This is where the problems start to happen – deleted user folders, incorrect user provisioning, incorrect jobs scheduling and running tasks on a single node leaving the rest of the Cluster idle. 


We at EXALIT see lots of such cases happening every month and worked out EXALIT HPC Cluster remote management and provisioning services specially for such clients.


Focus on the job and outsource your headaches to EXALIT:

- Software applications installation

- User provisioning

- OS upgrades and patches 

- Load balancing

- Remote monitoring

- GPU management

- GPU libraries installation

- Workload management 

- Cluster security management

- Health management


Remote management

JA Minisite

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