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Friday30 September 2022

Intel Xeon Phi Programming Training

Intel MIC architecture combines many Intel® CPU cores onto a single chip. Developers interested in programming these cores can use standard C, C++, and FORTRAN source code. The same program source code written for Intel MIC products can be compiled and run on a standard Intel® Xeon® processor. Familiar programming models remove training barriers, allowing the developer to focus on the problems rather than software engineering.

 INTEL Xeon Phi Programming Training (2 -day)


This course presents Intel MIC accelerator and ways to program it

 Knowledge in C 
Audience: Developers, Project Leader 
OS: Linux




Day 1


Morning (9 am-12 pm) - Introduction

• Introduction 

• Hardware overview

• Software stack

• Execution models


Afternoon (1pm-6pm) - Execution Models

• Offload MPI Apps on Xeon Phi

• Offload OpenMP on Xeon Phi

• Using OpenACC directives  


Day 2


Morning (9am-12pm) - Integration

• Using Intel MKL

• Object oriented integration using Intel TBB   and Intel Cilk



Afternoon (1pm-5pm) – Advanced Techniques

• Intel MIC as an OpenCL device
• Optimization techniques

• Profiling and debugging 

JA Minisite

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