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Friday30 September 2022

Intel® Software Development Tools

Scale your apps forward on today’s and tomorrow’s hardware.

IPS-XE-Intel Future-Scaling

Among its software development tools, Intel offers industry-leading C++ and Fortran compilers with optimization features and multithreading capabilities, highly optimized performance libraries, and error-checking, security, and profiling tools, allowing developers to maximize application performance, security, and reliability. Choose the software development products designed to enhance your development lifecycle. 

Intel offers commercial or educational licenses, named or floating licenses. There are 3 editions Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016: 

What’s Included in Each Edition

 Cluster EditionProfessional EditionComposer Edition
C/C++ compiler
Fortran compiler
Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration library (C++, Java)
Intel® MKL math library
(C++, Fortran)

Intel® TBB threading library
Intel® IPP media and data library
Intel® Advisor vectorization optimization and thread prototyping
(C++, Fortran)
Intel® Inspector memory and thread debugging 
(C++, Fortran)
VTune™ Amplifier performance profiler
(C++, Fortran, C#, Java)
Intel® MPI library
(C++, Fortran)
Intel® ITAC MPI analyzer and profiler
(C++, Fortran)
IMSL* numeric library
Add-on Add-on Add-on and bundled


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