Saturday01 October 2022

New NVIDIA Quadro Pascal cards

We are excited to announce, we are starting to ship EXALIT M-Series workstations with the new generation of NVIDIA QUADRO Pascal professional graphics cards. 

NVIDIA Pascal Quadro 

EXALIT M-series workstations just became MUCH faster with Pascal Quadro cards:


For Design, Manufacturing and AEC users:

  • Take designs straight from CAD into design review rendering applications while simultaneously reducing rendering data preparation time thanks to the increased card graphical memory (that allows to store complete design data locally on card) and powerful graphics (with more GPU cores onboard).
  • Render faster for more design integrations and more creative risks to be taken.
  • Model CAD faster – now in 5K video and on 4 Displays.


For Media & Entertainment:

  • Model characters and scenes will appear with more realism and higher resolution textures (5K) earlier in the creative process thanks to the increased card graphical memory (that allows to store larger models on card) and powerful graphics (for faster and smother modeling).
  • Render more complex scenes faster than ever before (thanks to the larger number of GPU cores and massive 24 / 16GB GDDR5X memory on Quadro P6000 / P5000)
  • Create impactful large-scale display “spectacles” from a single Workstation (thanks for the simple off-the-shelf technology that allows to use 4 Displays with one Quadro in synch mode and eliminates motion artifacts in multi-display large-scale installations).


Contact us today for NVIDIA Pascal Workstation solution!

JA Minisite

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