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Friday30 September 2022




EXALIT helps customers move HPC applications & workflows from legacy computing architectures into the modern administrator-friendly HPC environments.


By making it transparent to the end users, EXALIT accelerates business processes and minimizes the need to retrain end users and IT personal – which results in overall cost and time savings. 


We are frequently told by our customers that we are a breath of fresh air for them.


1.Help our customers to turn increased productivity into a higher revenue streams.
2.Be the #1 choice partner for academia, engineering and M&E businesses in Southeast Asia.
3.Build an exceptional company that both we and our customers love.

The right people make all the difference.

From the very beginning attracting the right people to our team has been our major focus as we do understand that our future success depends on us. We are currently 10 people strong who deeply care about the work we do and what are we building together. At EXALIT everyone is fully responsible for who we are and what we are striving to become.

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