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Sunday27 November 2022


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Tesla Pascal P100 GPU


Accelerate your science with NVIDIA Tesla Pascal GPU P100. Read more ... 

NVIDIA Pascal Quadro

Nvidia-QuadroCreate without the wait - BIM-ready M-series Workstations with Pascal Quadro

Virtual 3D Workstations

Nvidia-GRID2Put your engineering workstations into the Cloud with EXALIT eXXtreme GPU servers

Trade off your Tesla C20xx to Tesla K20!


NOVATTE EXCLUSIVE Deal: Get a Tremendous Discount for Tesla K20. 


Trade off your old Tesla® C2050, C2070 and C2075 to Tesla K20 Today and get an instant system speedup and quieteness!



Tesla K20 vs C2075:

- 250% increase in double precision performance;

- 45% increase in memory bandwidth

- 50% reduction in capital expenses (CAPEX)

- 250% reduction in electricity bills 

- 250% reduction in the system noise level


Don't miss this opportunity, make use of your old equipment to save on a new one!

Contact us at s|s@nоvаttе.cоm or call us now to find out more!


Get instant access to K20 HPC nodes through NODE.

Facebook discussion at: http://www.facebook.com/NOVATTE


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